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Colorado School and Public Employees Retirement Association (CSPERA) and Colorado AARP are sponsoring 2016’s...

Fifth Grade Grandparent Essay Contest

  • 4 Student 1st Place Prizes of $75 Visa Gift Cards
  • 4 Student 2nd Place Prizes of $50 Visa Gift Cards
  • 4 School Prizes of $500 each from Colorado AARP

The CSPERA Grandparent Essay Application is available by clicking here. Students may simply be given contest directions by the teacher, and then do their work at home, or the essay could be a part of in-class writing instruction and practice.

This contest is for fifth grade students only. The essay’s content should be about "Why my Grandparent is the Best in the World," or "Why My Grandparents are the Best in the World."

We hope your fifth grade students and teachers will engage in the topic, which has generated many family-appreciated and remembered essays in prior years.


If you have any questions please just email us at: 

>>> Click here for the application <<<

Thanks to Continuing Members and to all who have renewed support!

CSPERA membership is growing. Your advocacy association represents over 6,000 PERA retiree members, among twenty Local Affiliates, and from all geographic areas of Colorado.

Especially appreciated are those members who use PERA Dues Deduction as their Continuing Membership plan.

With lower costs of communication for annual renewal, those memberships allow us to use funds for more communication with members about proposed PERA legislation, and for the building of membership to increase our connections with legislators all around the state. Membership numbers add impact in legislative matters, and PERA bills are submitted each year.

Many thanks go also to those "pay by check" members who renewed via the annual invoices mailed in August.

Especially happily, 190 of you opted to change to membership via PERA Dues Deduction! As of November 3, of 2,319 possible mailed-invoice renewals, 1,528 renewals had been received. Your state office will reach out again in January to prior year members who have not replied by that time.

PERA Dues Deduction ($2.00 each month) is a simple and completely safe way to maintain your CSPERA membership. PERA Dues Deduction does not involve any bank account or credit card numbers, and thus has no identity theft risk. The plan can be cancelled at any time, and it’s one fewer check to write each year! Consider that change when next August’s renewal note arrives. Just check the Dues Deduct box, sign the form, and use the postage-paid return.

Be "email connected" to CSPERA for important legislative information

The 2016 legislative session will start in January. It’s important that CSPERA has your current email address.

If you are a member who uses email, but you have not given that email contact to CSPERA, or if your email address has changed, be sure CSPERA has your current email address. We postal mail four Newsletters each year to those members with no email contact. But we send FAR more communications via Breaking News! bulletins, via the low-cost and timely email process. To update that information, email or contact Kathy or Marlis via 1-800-748-2846.

Legislative events take place far too quickly for postal-mailed materials. Only email-connected members receive CSPERA’s Breaking News! bulletins that advise about pending PERA legislation. Those bulletins describe proposed PERA legislation, and they provide information about pathways to send comments to one’s local representative and senator, and to the appropriate legislative committee members. Such constituent comments are a main way to participate in the democratic process. Your PERA retirement plan was, after all, created by legislative process, and so can be (and HAS been) changed by that process.

Another source of timely updates on PERA issues in general, and legislative items in particular, is the website

Fifth Grade Grandparent Essay Contest

Four Student 1st Prizes of $75 Visa Gift Cards and Four Student 2nd Prizes of $50 Visa Gift Cards

Four SCHOOL Prizes of $500 each from Colorado AARP

Western Division

1st Place Winner-Megan Jenkins

Cedaredge Elem School

Cedaredge Co


Sothern Division

1st place winner-Emma Grice

Steele Elementary

Colorado Springs, CO 80407


2nd Place Winner-Camryn Gale

Caprock Academy

Grand Junction, CO


2nd Place Winner-Lily Emisson

Edison Elementary

Colorado Springs, CO


Northeastern Division

1st place winner-Daisy Meraz

Baker Central School

Fort Morgan, CO


Metro Division

1ST Place winndr-Montserrat Ceballos Martinez

Turnberry Elementary School

Commerce City, CO


2nd Place winner-Levi McFarland

Baker Central School

Fort Morgan, CO

2nd Place Winner-Josephine Stockton

Aurora Quest k-8           

Aurora, CO

Congratulations to our winners and everyone who participated in the contest!

Very Important News!
Colorado Supreme Court Rules Senate Bill 10-001 Constitutional

On Monday, October 20, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled in favor of Colorado PERA and the State of Colorado in the Justus v. State of Colorado and PERA case. The Court upheld the reduction of the annual increase or Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) under Senate Bill 10-001. The Court stated, “We hold that the PERA legislation providing for cost of living adjustments does not establish any contract between PERA and its members entitling them to perpetual receipt of the specific COLA formula in place on the date each became eligible for retirement or on the date each actually retires.” Read the Supreme Court’s ruling.

“Senate Bill 1 was a difficult but necessary action taken to ensure the long-term sustainability and value of the retirement plan, which is one of Colorado’s best investments, for more than 500,000 of Colorado’s public employees working to build and serve our communities. Through the shared sacrifice approach recommended by the PERA Board, the Colorado General Assembly responded after the Great Recession, and the Colorado Supreme Court agreed with our collaborative approach,” said Gregory W. Smith, Colorado PERA Executive Director. “PERA is a vital and stable contributor to Colorado’s economy, distributing $3.8 billion in 2013 to retirees who live in Colorado which helps sustain nearly 26,000 jobs.”


CSPERA is the statewide organization that represents over 6,000 retired school and state employees in the state of Colorado.  Eligibility for membership in the association includes all retired and active school, state and public employees and their spouses who fulfill their financial obligations, all PERA annuitants, as well as other individuals interested in education and public welfare. The association was organized in 1950 to promote and protect the economic well-being and quality of life for all retired school employees. In 2007, the Board voted to expand membership to include all retired public employees who pay into PERA, including state, DOW, CDOT, corrections, judicial, parks, etc.


Our efforts in legislation, health issues, retirement seminars, membership workshops, leadership training, volunteerism and communications are geared toward maintaining a high standard of living for Colorado retirees.


The Colorado School and Public Employees Retirement Association was founded in 1950 as a means of addressing the concerns of all retired school employees in Colorado. With expanded membership, our current mission is to promote the personal, social, educational interests and economic security of retired PERA employees.


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CSPERA has added a NEW periodic bulletin, Breaking News!  Due to postal cost and budget, most issues of Breaking News!  will be sent just to those members for whom CSPERA has an email address, so be sure to make our office aware of your email contact so as to receive ALL of our communications (contact us via 1-800-748-2846, 303-326-1808 or  The quarterly Newsletter will certainly still be sent to ALL members via email and hard copy postal mail to those members with no email address.  Click below to read recent editions of Breaking News! 




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